flickr vs 500px

Oh the dilemma, which place to host photographies. I’ve been using Flickr for quite some time, but been hearing about 500px from several people about how cool it is. So in late 2012 I decided to give 500px try as well. For both Flickr and 500px I went with the paid subscription to fully try it out. After some time using both below are my personal finding.

Batch Editing and Organization: Flickr

For me batch editing and organization is very important, since most photos in a set share the same information. I found Flickr to be the better choice overall. I found it to be easier to move tons of photos from one album to another, adding description, batch tagging, geolocation to name the few. Where in 500px I had to do it one photo at a time. It was very time consuming. Also Flickr takes the title from the file name where 500px one had to put in each title. In Lightroom before exporting you can put in the title field in the meta data to save time, but overall Flickr has better batch mechanism.

Also Flickr allows more flexibility in the description area–even allows basic HTML such as strong, a href, target, italic–where 500px it’s very limiting.

Overall Look and Feel: 500px

Lets face it, the frame of your photos matters as much as the photo itself. 500px does have a sexier look and feel for a website, where Flickr it kind of still feels like mid-2000. However it did took me sometime to get used to 500px’s navigation, something about it just didn’t feel intuitive.

Search Result: Equal though Flickr has a slight advantage

Periodically I do search of “Jiho Sohn” or “JihoNation” in Google web search and images. I’m always curious how it appears. I have been giving all the photos the same tags, but it seems Flickr has slight advantage of showing up newer photos faster, where 500px seems to take time for it to appear on search result. I wonder since Yahoo owning Flickr has something to do with it. Or perhaps in Flickr one can put more information in it.


Next year I will stick with Flickr Pro but downgrade my 500px from Awesome to Plus. I’m not putting down 500px, but this is like Mac vs PC–it all comes down to one’s personal preference. There are other articles which talks about different aspect between the two sites and it’s well worth the time to investigate further before making up one’s mind, but for me having the flexibility in the description area, faster batch editing, and quicker search result is what matters to me.

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