Vampireish with Infrared

Aug 14, 2012 | Photography |

There was a folder on my desktop called “IR” that’s been sitting my desktop for few month. It was one of those project I wanted to get to once I have some time. However, that is a wishful thinking I noticed. There are always projects flowing in there no such thing as a “awww finally I’m done!” time. So in the mist of all the work I decided to finally bite the bullet and slowly work towards cleaning my desktop.

This past February some friends and I spend a day walking around playing with my IR camera–Fuji FinePix IS-1 since we finally got some sun. We were all laughing how vampireish we all looked. I wonder how vampires would look like when a photo of them is taken with an IR camera, perhaps they might look more human. I do admit I am drawn to the eyes that are captured with an IR camera.

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