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Majer Metal Works at the Shop

Majer Metal Works at the Shop

This is part of a photo documentation series for Majer Metal Works. Documenting the life/work at the wood shop, the metal shop and to installation of their projects–visually preserving their essence. I always enjoy working with everyone there. They are incredibly welcoming, professional, and most of all their work is like chocolate; unequivocally delicious with endless possibilities.

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Decker’s Family Gathering

The Deckers asked me to photograph their family holiday get-together for 2015. It is quite remarkable to see the changes and passage of time with the Deckers since my first session with them in 2011. I hope to see more additional layers to the family down the road.

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Recycled Robot Project

In modern times we are surrounded by digital devices which makes our life convenient. Be that as it may, our accessibility to technology is having an effect in our environment due to e-waste such as heavy metals, plastic, incinerator bottom ash (IBA) that are... read more

After the rain. Page, Arizona United States

The first night it rained heavily in Page, Arizona. Once it passed the landscape revealed a different textures, aspects, and motions. It’s humbling to have observed the rare instance of it.

When the rain washes you clean, you’ll know.

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Petrified Forest National Park. Arizona, United States

Photography some times feels like a fools errand–trying to capture infinity with a finite tool. The psyche of the landscape was so dynamic filled with unimaginable textures, unheard of colors, and irresistible contour. I picked up some earth sample and rubbed it on my hands, smelled it, and I melted for I felt molecularly connected.

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